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Estate Adminstration

With this service Blankstone Sington aims to reduce some of the stress involved with the administration of an estate.

We are particularly aware that it is a time when those who have been bereaved most need support and understanding. The process of collating financial information and undertaking correspondence can be complicated and time consuming, especially when it involves shareholdings and other investments.

We can assist with the following actions:

  • Checking holdings with registrars.
  • Clarifying validity of certificates and arranging letters of indemnity.
  • Preparation of valuation for probate purposes and identifying income to be considered.
  • Registering death and grant of probate with registrars.
  • Arranging the reissue of outstanding dividend cheques.
  • Ensuring all paperwork has been completed prior to sales or transfers.
  • Processing sales and arranging payment or stock transfers.

We can also assist with Schemes of Appropriation in order to distribute the estate to the intended beneficiaries, as well as advice in regards Inheritance Tax in the form of Deeds of Variation and the setting up of traditional Trusts.

Estate Adminstration