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CREST Personal Membership

CREST is the computerised settlement system for the majority of UK listed securities and many foreign ones. Its prime purpose is to allow for fast and efficient settlement of shares that have been dematerialised.

The usual route for individuals to take advantage of CREST is to hold shares in dematerialised form through our nominee company, Oakwood Nominees Limited. The drawback for some investors is the loss of contact with the companies in which they have invested as all correspondence, such as accounts and dividends, will no longer be received by the client directly, instead it will be sent to us on your behalf.

An alternative is to become a CREST Personal Member. This allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of electronic settlement as described in our Nominee Registration page, while retaining your name on the share register. Shares are held in an account in CREST in a similar way to holding money in a bank account. Once you have joined CREST your existing certificates will be dematerialised and transferred to your CREST account.

If this form of registration is of interest to you please contact us to discuss the process in greater detail.

CREST Personal Membership