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Inheritance Tax Portfolio

Blankstone Sington's Inheritance Tax Portfolio provides an award winning approach to sheltering part of your estate from IHT, with the potential for capital growth.

Some key points about our award winning service:

  • Discretionary Management
  • Bespoke, tailored individual portfolio of BPR qualifying AIM shares
  • Fast, uncomplicated IHT mitigating solution with capital growth potential
  • Access to Capital and Income without affecting IHT integrity
  • ISA qualifying – tax free income and growth
  • Clearly identified investment philosophy – “More Art than a Science
  • Competitive charging structure
  • Available as either a direct offering or on the Ascentric Platform (see latest Factsheet).

Interview with the Manager – December 2019

Manager presentation at Mello South – June 2018

Interview with the Manager – September 2017

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is currently levied at a rate of 40% on all assets exceeding a total value of £325,000 (2016/17). Our Inheritance Tax Portfolio provides individual investors with the opportunity to obtain full IHT relief after only two years.

The portfolio comprises companies traded on the Alternative Investment Market  (AIM), which is a sub market of the London Stock Exchange, with the objective of securing Business Property Relief (BPR) against IHT by investing in a range of qualifying companies, yet still enables investors to maintain control of their assets.

We have been successfully investing in smaller companies for over three decades, and in our Inheritance Tax Portfolio since 2010, through our specialist in-house research department.

While a Blankstone Sington Inheritance Tax (IHT) Portfolio can provide an effective solution to mitigate IHT, it may not be suitable for everyone as there are additional risks to consider beyond traditional investments.