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Execution Only Share Dealing

Our heritage is firmly rooted in traditional stockbroking and we are one of the last truly independent stockbrokers in the industry, providing both electronic and certificated trading for our clients.

We offer an Execution Only Share Dealing service for those who do not require advice on their investments. We have access to best execution electronic trading platforms and have built strong relationships with market participants over many years to ensure sensitive trades are handled with due care. The majority of our dealings take place on the London Stock Exchange though we are able to deal in major overseas markets on request.

Blankstone Sington is one of only a few brokers willing to trade and settle traditional paper share certificates. We will continue to offer this services for as long as we are able.

Our execution only service involves:

  • you approaching us with your instructions to execute transaction(s) on your behalf, according to your specific wishes;
  • we do not monitor your portfolio at any stage;
  • we do not make recommendations to you or provide any other advice.

For clients with stock registered in their own name the services offered are:

  • Dealing Only service.
  • Investments made into non-certificated securities to be registered in our Nominee Company or held to our order with another Nominee.
  • Safe custody of certificates.
  • Quarterly Newsletter.

If stocks are registered in nominee, in addition to the above we offer:

  • The registration and custody of your investments to be in the name of our Nominee Company – Oakwood Nominees Limited – or held to our order with another Nominee.
  • Quarterly statements detailing collection of income (and remittance if required)
  • Consolidated Tax Certificate at the tax year-end.
  • Cash Management of un-invested balances.
  • Informing you of corporate actions on your investments held in nominee.

Commission charges apply on transactions undertaken and stamp duty may be applicable. If our nominee or safe custody service is required then an administration fee will be payable.  Our Scale of Charges is available to download. 

Execution Only Share Dealing