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Bespoke Investment Management

Financial markets can be complex and move quickly. Our managed approach to your capital aims to be proactive to market events based on our judgement and in-house research.

Bespoke Investment Management is our highest value service whereby we accept responsibility for the daily management of your portfolio in order to achieve your objectives, and undertake investment management with absolute discretion. Under this arrangement we have access to the widest possible investments for you, drawn from the four broad asset classes we identify. We undertake considerable due diligence on your behalf to confirm the suitability and appropriateness  of any investment we make.

This service level is ideal for individuals, trustees or companies, with at least £100,000 to invest, who wish to delegate the responsibility of investing to experienced professionals. You are looked after by an experienced account manager who will be available at any point to discuss the position and performance of your portfolio.

Our Bespoke investment management service involves:

  • a contractual obligation to analyse and monitor your portfolio on a continuous basis;
  • based on this analysis, take decisions on the purchase and sale of investments; and
  • using our discretion to implement those decisions (by arranging the relevant transactions) without reference to you.

The services offered are:

  • The on-going management of your portfolio on a Discretionary basis, taking into consideration the structure and geographical balance that is suitable for your investment objectives and attitude to risk.
  • A contract note and an explanation of the transaction will be despatched by the end of the next business day following execution of a trade.
  • The registration and custody of your investments in the name of our Nominee Company – Oakwood Nominees Limited – or held to our order with another Nominee.
  • Quarterly valuations with a measure of the performance of your portfolio.
  • A comprehensive report of transactions carried out and interest/dividends received during the tax year.
  • Annual Capital Gains Tax (CGT) report.
  • Remittance of income (if required).
  • Consolidated Tax Certificate at the tax-year end.
  • Cash management of un-invested monies.
  • General financial guidance.

Our remuneration is clear and transparent with an annual management charge (subject to VAT) based upon the value of funds under management and a nominal flat rate transaction charge of £30 per transaction. Our Scale of Charges is available to download.

Bespoke Investment Management