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Blankstone Sington provides investment management and advisory services to trustees. Our investment knowledge and experience can ensure you, as trustee, meet the general duty of care required for the funds entrusted to you.

A trust allows an individual(s) to set aside assets (the settlor) for his or her chosen beneficiaries without giving them outright control. This is achieved by the settlor transferring assets to trustees, who then administer those assets in accordance with the terms laid out in the Trust Deed.

We understand the responsibility put upon you to act out the wishes of the settlor and act in the best interests of the trust beneficiaries. We can share this responsibility to help ensure the suitability of the investments undertaken.

Once a trust has been established, the trustees must be mindful of the Trustees Act 2000, which has wide-ranging implications. To assist trustees in meeting their statutory duty of care we can provide guidance on Investment Policy Statements, and thereafter, help with ongoing monitoring and review.

The Trustee Act 2000 requires trustees to obtain “proper advice” in relation to investments.

All of our core Investment Services are available as indeed are our Tax Services if you do not have your own tax adviser.  If a new trust is to be created, we can provide an introduction to a legal professional in order to draft the necessary trust deed and undertake any associated legal work.