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Becoming a Client

In keeping with our company motto, we aim to make the process of opening an account at Blankstone Sington simple. Our experienced investment managers are on hand to discuss your requirements, either in person or by distance.

Our first task when you contact us is to understand your investment requirements and which of our services are best suited to those requirements. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and our advisers are adept at providing advice in simple terms to be understood by both those with, and without, financial market experience. We do not charge for an initial consultation and there is no obligation or pressure to proceed.

We do operate in a highly regulated industry and rightly so to protect the interests of our clients. However this does mean that a certain amount of paperwork must be completed, before proceeding with investment.

If you require investment management, or advice, then we will carry out an assessment of your financial circumstances and attitude to risk to ensure the suitability of any investment undertaken. We will carry out this fact-find by using the relevant questionnaire available to download here .

Once we know more about you and have agreed the service level to be offered, a client agreement will be provided for completion and return,along with an outline of our assessment of your circumstances. Our identification procedures must also be completed and guidance on anti-money laundering can be found within our questionnaires.

For our execution only share dealing service the fact-find is not essential (although helpful) but the knowledge and experience section must be completed. This separate document can also be downloaded here.

To find out more about the types of clients we advise please search through the relevant links.






Becoming a Client