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Self-Assessment Tax Deadline

January 13th 2016


Midnight on Sunday 31 January is the deadline for filing your self-assessment tax return.  If HMRC have issued you with a tax return, it must be completed and returned to them along with payment of any tax you owe to avoid an automatic £100 late filing penalty.  A penalty will be issued even if you do not owe any tax or are due a refund.

Your tax return must now be filed online since the 31 October deadline for filing a paper return has passed.  To do so, you will need to be registered for HMRC’s Online Services. This involves receiving an activation code by post, which could take several days.

There are various ways to pay any tax that you owe including the Faster Payments system which allows payment to go through within 2 hours.  HMRC offer a range of help and advice at

In addition to our core Investment Management, Investment Advice and Stockbroking services Blankstone Sington can also provide a supplementary tax service.  If you have an interest in this service please read our Personal and Trust Taxation page or contact our tax manager Louise Carman for further information.