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Retirement Announcement – Stephen Sington

August 04th 2015



After 38 years Stephen Sington (shown here on the left together with CEO Ken Conolly and fellow Board Director Michael Taxman) has retired from Liverpool Investment Managers and Stockbrokers Blankstone Sington. Stephen’s father, Reggie together with Michael Blankstone, founded the company nearly 40 years ago, with Stephen joining them within 18 months.

As co-Director of Investment Services he played an integral part in the growth of what is the last of the truly independently owned stockbrokers in Liverpool.

At a retirement party held on the 30th July at the historic Racquets Club in Liverpool attended by his now ex—colleagues and many retired employees with whom Stephen had worked, as well as his close family, Michael Blankstone, Non-Executive Chairman, paid tribute saying “Stephen was a man who would deal in the markets, on behalf of clients, with skill and conviction – he always held true to the Stock Exchange motto “My word is My Bond”.