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Everton Football Club Shares

Blankstone Sington has long been associated with the trading of privately held shares in the famous local football clubs and we continue to be recognised as a point of contact for the trading of Everton FC shares.

There exists sufficient free float of shares in Everton Football Club to allow investors to own a stake in the club. We arrange trades on a matched bargain basis, maintaining indications of interest from both buyers and sellers. We do not play a role in setting the price, which is agreed by the parties involved.

As at 31/12/2017 the indicative price of a single Everton share is £2500 per share.

To find out more shareholder information visit the shareholder page on the Everton website.


Liverpool Football Club

We previously arranged a market in Liverpool Football Club shares, which were tradable prior to the private takeover in 2007 by American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks who paid £5000 per share, valuing the club and its outstanding debt at over £218m.  The club was subsequently sold to Fenway Sports Group in 2010 for £300m.  The shares are no longer freely available.

Everton Football Club Shares

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